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Multi-width evacuation channels
Tapered center block edge
Stability control slits
A unique arrowhead tread design
Proxes R1R Safety Advisory
Silica reinforced high-grip compound. Extra-wide footprint to increase contact patch area. Stability control slits maintain the block's stiffness during aggressive braking. Tapered center block edge increases center block stiffness. Advanced autocross-inspired casing design optimizes the contact patch shape. High steel side-ply (select sizes). Advanced autocross-inspired casing design with modified radial construction increases casing stiffness for crisper handling.
Evacuation channels help accelerate water from the center to the edge of the tire tread face. This design not only improves wet road traction but also improves steering, braking and accelerating response.
By rounding and angling the leading edge, the center block movement is stabilized and irregular wear is decreased.
The strategically positioned slits provide resistance to irregular wear during aggressive braking and assist with water evacuation.
By adding shallow grooves and a unidirectional pattern, the R1R achieves balanced performance between wet and dry conditions. An aggressive tread design with an extra wide footprint, high-grip compound, and advanced autocross-inspired casing design provide every advantage while driving through the corners and accelerating in the straight-aways.
Performance limitations are particularly evident in low ambient temperatures or during the spring and fall when ambient temperatures fluctuate significantly. Wet performance is limited when operating outside the optimum temperature range and when the tire is at less than full tread depth. Do not use the tire if it has cracked.
Remove from the vehicle and deflate to half the normal air pressure. Do not store in temperatures below 0-degree Celsius. If stored outdoors, keep covered and do not expose to direct sunlight.
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