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Cooper Tires Recall


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Findlay, Ohio 45840 419-423-1321

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has issued a recall for several tires manufactured from February 5 through February 18, 2017. Affected tires were manufactured with an incorrect rubber compound on the belt wire that may result in poor adhesion of the rubber to the belt wires. This defect may manifest in the following ways: in-service audible noise, unsatisfactory ride condition, belt separation, or distortion in the tread area that may cause the tire to fail and result in loss of vehicle control with an increase in the risk of a crash.

View Recall Letter

Do I Have Recalled Tires?

The following tires (all tubeless radial tires) have a recall in effect:

Product Name Size DOT Serial Number Brand
COBRA RADIAL G/T P225/70R14 R7 FC C28 0617 - 0717 COOPER
COBRA RADIAL G/T P225/70R15 R7 UU C28 0617 - 0717 COOPER
RS-C 2.0 205/55R16 R7 0F LMU 0617-0717 STARFIRE
RS-C 2.0 205/55R16 R7 0F LDJ 0617-0717 STARFIRE
RS-C 2.0 215/60R16 R7 5M LDJ 0617-0717 STARFIRE
SF-340 P185/60R15 R7 MF XKV 0617-0717 STARFIRE
SF-340 P215/60R16 R7 X8 XKV 0617-0717 STARFIRE
SF-340 P225/60R16 R7 X0 XKV 0617-0717 STARFIRE
SF-340 P215/65R16 R7 2H XKV 0617-0717 STARFIRE
TRENDSETTER SE P205/75R15 R7 UL C2T 0617-0717 COOPER
TRENDSETTER SE P235/75R15 R7 HL C2T 0617-0717 COOPER

What Should I Do if I Have Recalled Tires?

    1) Print this letter from Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

    2) Return the recalled tires with the letter to your dealer

If inspection verifies you have recalled tires, they will be replaced, mounted, and balanced at no charge to you if presented within the time allotted by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. If you have any questions about the recall, call the Cooper Tire Consumer Relations Department at 800-854-6288. The recall has been assigned Notice of Defect number 170.

If you purchased recalled tires at 2nd Time Around Tires and have questions regarding your purchase, contact us for more information or bring your recalled tires to us during our hours of operation.

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